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21_hearts's Journal

21 Hearts
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Welcome to 21 Hearts!

21 Hearts is a community, like 30_kisses and 15hugs, it is a place for writers/artists to create drabbles/art on their favorite pairings from their favorite fandoms! Keep in mind, the pairing you wish to have DOES NOT need to have a romantic relationship. It can be a very close friendship to being mortal enimes.


Moderator: earthstar_moon

How Does It Work

The main theme of this community is hearts. Hearts can be anything. They can be a shape, emotional related, or just a common saying but the themes here are all realted to hearts.

Keep in mind that each fan work DOES NOT have to included somekind of an actual heart. The goal here is for the drabble/fan art to be realted to the themes.

The themes can also be interpreted in anyway you wish.

The Rules

1. The themes do not have to be done in order.

2. Make sure to note which theme you are using in your post.

3. All drabble/artwork MUST BE UNDER AN LJ-CUT

4. Using the following format for each post:

(Such as spoliers, violence, etc..)

And make sure it is under an lj-cut

How To Claim

You can claim up to two couples, but they both have to be from different fandoms.

You request a couple from this POST

If you wish to drop a couple please go to this POST


1. Ace of Hearts

2. Candy Heart

3. You stole my heart!

4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

5. Heart of a lion

6. Tenderhearted

7. Heartache

8. Heart shaped locket

9. Heart attack!

10. Sweetheart

11. Cold hands, warm heart

12. Heart of gold

13. Heartless

14. True to your heart

15. Heart and soul

16. Heartbeat

17. Key to the heart

18. Warm Heart

19. I wear my heart upon my sleeve

20. Home is where the heart is.

21. Change of heart

Bounus Themes:

NOTE: You are allowed to substitue the bounus themes for the main ones.

These are opitional. You do not have to do these themes to complete the 21 Challenge.

22. Pure of heart

23. Heart of the problem

24. Stay close to my heart

25. Full of Heart

26. Heart of Glass

The Themes were created by earthstar_moon ichiban_victory starswing sarahtdl and secondlina

Claimed Couples:

Fruits Basket
Sohma Yuki/kuragi Machi ( gladdecease )
Sohma Ayame/Kuramae Mine ( fleurette )
Honda Tohru/Sohma Kyo ( pekoemonkey )

House M.D.
Gregory House/James Wilson ( kandikatt )

Brothers Grimm (movie)
Jacob Grimm/Angelika ( secondlina )

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Zuko/Katara ( earthstar_moon )
Aang/Toph ( chikoli_ )

Seto/Ryou ( rokury_studios )

Gundam SEED Destiny
Cagalli Yula Attha/Meyrin Hawke ( whitelilies22 )
Kira Yamato/Cagalli Yula Attha ( aki_kaede )

Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy Mustang/Edward Elric ( ravenrules )
Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye ( kuchenhexe )

Eiri "Yuki" Uesugi/Shuichi Shindou ( princeivy )

Lina/Gourry ( zenavvy )

Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
Rudy Roughnight/Jane Maxwell ( kanon )

Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto ( xladyseraphx )

Kingdom Hearts
Riku/Sora ( xladyseraphx )
Axel/Roxas ( milkwithhoney )