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Theme #10 - Wild ARMs Alter Code: F - Rudy/Jane

Posted by ex_kanon on 2007.03.29 at 00:17
Title: Questions
Author: Kanon
Theme: Sweetheart
Couple/Fandom: Rudy/Jane, Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

It irritated Jane to no end; why couldn’t Rudy just give a straight answer? It didn’t help that she found his altruistic answers to be almost unbelievable. She didn’t understand how someone could be that nice in a world like this. Despite that, she couldn’t say that she wasn’t curious about it, even if it did annoy her.

His actions at Volcannon Trap had only succeeded in confusing her. Not to mention the other troublesome feelings that started to pop into her head. What did she care if he ran off fighting his virtuous battles? She barely knew him. But the thing that bothered her most was that he had saved her expecting nothing in return. She tried not to spend much time thinking about it though, since she didn’t expect to see him again—at least not anytime soon. That expectation was shattered as soon as she saw them talking to her father, of all people. They had actually come all the way out to Court Seim.

Since he was here, the questions and weird feelings came back, and she decided to figure them out instead of just relying on introspection. Jane concluded that the only way to know his motivation was to ask, but there was no way she was going to talk about that kind of thing in front of everyone else. It had to be one on one. At the party, she planned to ask him to come meet her after everyone else was asleep, but when she got the chance, her request almost sounded shy. He looked a bit surprised at her polite words, but he agreed to meet her.

Jane couldn’t explain why her heart started to pound as soon as she started waiting for him near the water. She came to their meeting place with lots of time to spare; she just couldn’t relax for some reason, and she tried to convince herself that this was no big deal. The gentle glow of the moon and the gurgling of the water helped her calm down a bit, but her anxiety spiked when she saw him approach her. He was standing a little closer than she would have liked, but she reasoned that it was probably due to her nerves.

Before she knew it, she was going on about her duties concerning the orphanage, and with some disdain, she remarked that it must seem pathetic to learn that Calamity Jane’s true motivation was to support an orphanage. Rudy shook his head and smiled, saying that wasn’t it at all. Why did he have to be so nice? His kindness was making it harder for her to talk to him.

She was blushing a little and her shy tone came back as she explained more about the orphanage, the kids, and what she really thought about all of it. His expression softened as she poured her heart out to him, and he even looked sympathetic. However, when she finally remembered the point of this meeting and started drilling him, the look on his face quickly changed into a thoughtful one.

She didn’t understand him; why was he trying to save the world; did he want fame? The questions just kept coming, and she wasn’t even sure where some of them were coming from.

“I'm sorry… I just feel a little miserable, knowing that you only saved me out of courtesy,” Jane mumbled after her tirade. She finally fell silent and just stared at the water.

“No,” he said, as he shook his head after a moment of silence. “I saved you because I didn’t want to see you get hurt.”

She stared at him with some surprise and continued on quietly. “Just promise me that you’re protecting the world and putting your life on the line because you love Filgaia. I’ll believe you even though I don’t understand you.”

“I promise,” Rudy said simply. He caught her by surprise when he suddenly put his hand on her shoulder, as if he was trying to comfort her.

Jane looked away and said, “Thanks… I won’t forget, so you’d better keep that promise!”

“I will,” he said with a soft smile.

He had never broken a promise on purpose, but he would be sure to keep this one, no matter what.

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