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Theme #3 - Wild ARMs Alter Code: F - Rudy/Jane

Posted by ex_kanon on 2007.06.12 at 22:47
Title: Dark Chocolate
Author: Kanon
Theme: You stole my heart!
Couple/Fandom: Rudy/Jane, Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

It was the end of another day, and they were all staying in Rosetta Town for the night. Their supplies were also beginning to run low, so it was better to stop early and restock, just to be on the cautious side. In this case, the supplies happened to include chocolate for some reason, but no one objected to that. (However, Jack was intent on keeping any kind of sugar away from Zed; the last thing he wanted was a hyperactive demon bouncing off the walls.) With all the provisions organized and accounted for, they all had a chance to relax, until a rather odd interjection broke the silence.

“Hey, you stole my heart!” Jane yelled indignantly. She was looking right at Rudy, and little did she know that everyone else had practically gotten whiplash from turning around so quickly.

However, at the time, Rudy had been taking a bite out of a big chocolate heart. Rudy blinked and said, “Ah, this one was yours? Sorry.” He hadn’t paid too much attention before he took it; it was chocolate, after all. He did look sympathetic, though.

She crossed her arms and she was almost sulking at the loss of her chocolate. “That won’t bring it back,” she mumbled.

“You can have mine,” he offered. Rudy dug around in the bag and showed her his dark chocolate heart.

“But I don’t like dark chocolate,” she said. “That’s why I got the milk chocolate one! Until somebody took a big bite out of it.” Jane stuck her tongue out at him, fully intending to guilt trip him.

He put his hand behind his head and laughed nervously. “I’ll get you a new one then.”

Jane blinked; she wasn’t exactly expecting that. Apparently she had succeeded in guilt tripping him rather handily. “Wait, what?”

“I’ll buy you another chocolate heart,” he said simply. “It’s only fair, right?”

She shrugged with an air of nonchalance and said cheerfully, “Well, if you’re offering, I won’t turn it down!” She wasn’t going to turn him down if he wanted to give her a (reasonable) present, even if it was only because he owed her one.

Rudy bit down on the heart and left it hanging out of his mouth as he dug around in his bag for some gella. Once he scooped up a suitable number of the small silver coins, he slipped them into his pocket and stood up.

“You’re going right now?” Jane asked.

He took the treat out of his mouth and replied, “No time like the present.” He smiled as he took another bite of the chocolate.

“Then I’ll come too,” she said with a grin. “I want to make sure you don’t eat it on the way back.” Over the time she had known him, she had learned that he had a persistent sweet tooth.

He was about to open his mouth to defend himself, but before he could say anything, she grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door. They were an interesting sight, with the chocolate in Rudy’s mouth and Jane dragging him around. The sad thing was that he was almost getting used to being led around like this. He supposed that it couldn’t be helped, and besides, he didn’t mind that much anyway.


After all was said and done, the chocolate was long gone, and both of them were left with fingertips lightly smeared with chocolate and mouths framed with traces of the candy. By the time they started the trek back to the inn, the sun had already gone to rest, and the moon illuminated the pitch-black sky as the stars slowly came into view. She didn’t know if it was just the sugar or something else, but she was in a good mood. That meant she could probably have more trouble getting to sleep, but the allure of the sweets had been too great.

The door to the inn squeaked horribly as Rudy gingerly opened it, but Jane didn’t follow him inside. He was almost halfway up the stairs before he noticed that she wasn’t there. He blinked and scanned the room, but she was nowhere to be found. The door creaked again as he peeked outside and spotted her sitting on the steps leading into town. The rhythm of his footsteps was irregular as his gaze locked on her form. The blonde-haired girl wasn’t paying any attention to the sounds of his footsteps; only the chocolate on her fingertips was worthy of her notice at the moment. Once the sweet taste was gone, she leaned back on her palms and stared at the sky. Jane sighed deeply, still unaware of Rudy’s presence.

Maybe it would be better if he just headed back to the inn and let her have this moment of peace all to herself. But even after he walked back into the inn and up to his room, he watched her from the window with a sliver of worry. He knew that she was capable of taking care of herself, but still, everyone gets taken by surprise sometimes, and there was no telling when someone or something would come out of the shadows and attack her. He did his best to stay awake, but despite his best efforts, he fell asleep sitting in front of the window, with his head resting on the windowsill.


The next thing he saw were bright beams of dazzling sunlight shining into his eyes, and after he grunted from the sudden light and the spots left his vision, he noticed that there was a blanket draped around his shoulders. Had that been there before? His mind was hazy; his weariness was keeping the memory from him at the moment. Rudy clutched his head as he suddenly rose from his less-than-ideal resting place, and the sudden movement made his vision go blurry. His head spun relentlessly for a brief, but agonizing moment. After letting out a soft murmur of complaint, he plopped onto his own cushy bed. The blue-haired boy almost nodded off before the reason why he had been sitting in that chair hit him like a ton of bricks. Was Jane here? Was she all right?

He rose out of bed like a shot, only to tangle himself in the blankets and fall roughly to the ground. Ouch. He picked himself off the floor and after he unravelled the makeshift cocoon, he noticed Jane lying in her own bed, sleeping soundly. She looked so peaceful; it was hard to believe that she could be such a handful while she was awake. Rudy smiled warmly at the sleeping girl before he walked back to his own bed to get a few more precious moments of sleep before everyone else woke up.

He didn’t notice that Jane’s bed was missing a blanket.

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